Convention Application

A convention application is a patent application relating to an invention disclosed no earlier than 12 months before the date of filing an application for a patent filed in Finland.


Priority Document
When  priority has been claimed, the applicant must, within 16 months of the date for which priority is claimed, file with the patent office a certificate issued by the patent authority, as well a copy of the priority application.

Specification and drawings
The description, claims, abstract, and text in the drawings must be drawn up in Finnish or English. If a German, or Russian version of the specification is available, patent agents of Compatent may perfom the translation work.

Power of Attorney
The Patent Agency Compatent who is acting as the representative appointed by the applicant, must prove its authorization. To that end, the Patent Agency Compatent may provide you with a pre-filled Power of Attorney to be signed by the applicant.

Application Fee
The applicant shall pay the official application fees.


 Convention applications are made and processed in the same manner as "normal" national applications. There is no actual difference between the two types of applications except that the convention application has an earlier priority date.